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Valeria Alvarado, Psy.D.

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About Valeria Alvarado, Psy.D.


I am working with Dr. Melissa Jinariu as a registered psychological associate (PSB94027425) at Therapy SoCal. I have experience in providing care to children, adolescents, and families in under-resourced areas who are dealing with trauma, grief, and maladaptive coping mechanisms in both Spanish and English. I approach treatment with a cognitive behavioral perspective, looking at the influence of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.



Education & Training


I received my Doctorate in Psychology from Azusa Pacific University in 2019 and received clinical training in community mental health and school-based settings. I completed my residency working with children and families at Pacific Clinics and spent my Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Child and Family Guidance Center specializing in crisis management, trauma, anxiety, and depression issues. My dissertation research was focused on the influence bilingualism has on social skills in children from monolingual Spanish speaking homes transitioning into monolingual English-speaking schools. 


I have trained and/or am certified in multiple empirically proven treatment models to reduce or eliminate symptoms including: Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT), Seeking Safety, TF-CBT, EMDR, and Managing and Adapting Practice (MAP).

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